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• Find employees that fit with your culture
• Enjoy a continuous pool of applicants
• Review applications from anywhere with online access
• Easy to use screening and scoring tools to compare applicants



What Does

Our hiring tools help small & medium businesses find employees with greater ease and expertise.

• Attracting more candidates with less time and effort
• Matching candidates based on experience and personality
• Improved Employee Retention
• Compares the skills, motivation, and experience of candidates
• Creates and manages a painless process to find the “diamonds” that you need

What is the Precision Recruiting Machine? provides you with a strategic automated process that:

• Places ads on the top two job boards
• Provides a primary screening process
• Offers testing for applicants

• Collects applications
• Email Updates
• Provides custom telephone interview scripts to evaluate your candidates

How the Process Works…

For as little as $15 a week you can have your own Precision Recruiting Machine that runs 365 days a year!

Get Better Results

• Tools for screening candidates so you can find the best fit
• Predict job success more effectively by using a proven system
• Our system allows you to score each candidate as you go through a five step screening process

Save Time and Money

• The fast and easy approach for posting jobs
• Time saving job templates for creating accurate and complete job descriptions
• All applications, resumes, and test results in one easy to access location
• Premium results with minimal costs