Are your “Good” people keeping you from being GREAT

Are your “Good” people keeping you from being GREAT

What are your employee’s Strengths!

Employees that can focus on using their strengths produce higher level of results and are more satisfied with their jobs.

Overcome Staff Weaknesses

When Management and staff recognize and understand the weaknesses they have, they can be avoided, reassigned or supported through the difficulty

Develop a Cohesive TEAM

Avoid being a group of disconnected individuals. A team allows one person’s strength to fill anther’s weakness, however it need to be recognized.

Improve Employee Performance……..

We provide an employee performance worksheet template that can be used to provide circular feedback to leverage the sharing of expectations and measurement to develop improvement of the individual employee.


We have 3 sets of employee evaluation tools for the key areas of your business;

  1. The selling professional either in-home salesperson or Service Tech/Plumber
  2. Your CSR and customer facing people
  3. Service Techs/ Plumbers/Installers, Entry/Apprentice level people

Your employees will be compared……

Each evaluation is computer based and requires 30-75 minutes to complete. Your employees will be compared against others in your business. You can also measure them against the national database of those that participate.

You will have a one hour phone session to review the results for your business to help you create a plan for developing your human capital. Once the evaluations have been completed you will receive your data along with anonymous national data from other similar businesses to help you understand where you stand.

Right now we have special pricing that allows us to provide you great value based upon the total numbers of benchmarked employees,
For only…..

  • $349 you can test 5 employees in their respective positions and skills, 
  • $599/10 employees, 
  • $899/15 employee, and 
  • $1249/25 employee. 

This includes the review and telephone coaching on developing your employees and addressing their weaknesses.

Tests for Managers are also available at similar savings.

Contact us and let’s get started in developing your Great Team.
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Just one more thing……………….

Fill in the gaps using your own Precision Recruiting MachineSM.

As you determine the gaps in your business from these human capital evaluations it will be apparent that you will need to fill postions with the right people. We can help you move ahead by creating your own
Precision Recruiting MachineSM
that can find those candidates and create a recruiting strategy.

Respectfully Matt Prazenka and Kerry Webb 

Originally Published 12/14/2013